Marcio Melo

Dreaming in colour. Searching for balance. Finding light.


Artist's Statement

“In the last years I have been focusing on amplifying my creative process by working with figurative and abstract tendencies simultaneously. As a painter, I have the need to honour these two tendencies and not to stray too far from painting’s original message, which is to me, essentially visual. 

You will find an amplified use of figure and colour in my paintings, expressing my emotions and ideas.   

I am concerned with the creation of images that communicate something uplifting, hopeful.   

It is my contribution to humanity’s evolution of positive psyche.

I am particularly proud of the more than 200 Murals that have been created since 2000 with my ”Collaborative Mural Workshop” that I offer as part of the Quebec Ministry of Culture’s “Artists in the Schools” program and to other schools, groups and individuals. 

It is an opportunity for me to foster the principles of cooperation, compromise, order and balance that is so much a part of my creative process, to create monumental works of art.”

~ Marcio Melo


Marcio Melo is a figurative painter. His painting can be characterized as bold and colourful, ranging from stylized to realistic. He typically works from imagination and his themes run from Brazilian Candomblé Saints to Canadian wildlife and everything in between. The paintings typically include people or animals, often with fantastic or spiritual imagery as elements. Marcio works in watercolour, acrylics, oils and crayon conté. He works mainly on paper and canvas. Often he handpaints the frames, matching them to the painting, or sometimes the painting extends into the area of the frame.

Marcio is proud to be included in Quebec’s Ministry of Culture’s “Artists in the Schools” program He has acquired great experience since the year 2000 conducting mural workshops with students - over 150 so far. It is an opportunity for him to foster the principles of cooperation, compromise, order and balance that is so much a part of his creative process, to create monumental works of art. Look at the results of these mural projects or videos of the projects.

Marcio is well known in the Ottawa area. He has appeared on the CBC television show Rockburn and Company, and has several feature articles in the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa XPress, Ottawa Sun, Zone Outaouais, Sotaque brasileiro, The Equity, The Pontiac Journal, The West Quebec Post and The Aylmer Bulletin. Marcio was also at the centre of a controversy at his show at the NCC Visitor's Centre in Gatineau Park (1997) when seven paintings from his show were deemed unsuitable by the NCC and were removed. The outpouring of indignation about the censorship and support for his art from the public was overwhelming.

He has exhibited at his home studios in Quyon and Montreal, in the Ottawa area, Montreal, in Brazil and in Germany. Marcio's paintings are in corporate and private collections in Canada, the USA, Brazil, France, England, Italy, Portugal, China, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Marcio's work can be viewed at any of his associated galleries, and he welcomes visitors to his studio in Montreal, Quebec. "Inside What You See", his latest major exhibition, was exhibited at the Montcalm Gallery in Gatineau in the summer of 2011.

Marcio came to Canada from Brazil in 1987. He feels comfortable with the languages and culture, and has made Canada his home. In Brazil, Marcio worked in architecture and design, mainly in heritage preservation in the four-century-old cities of Recife and Olinda.